Freecam is free recording software and it is common to face a query that is FreeCam recorder safe. Because We always think that free things are not good as compared to the paid version. So to find the answer to this question we search a lot and use this software and the results are mentioned below.

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About FreeCam

Freecam is one of the most popular screen recording tools, which is used by the professionals around the world in order to create various types of videos such as explanatory videos and lectures by the teachers and professors, gameplay videos by professional gamers, illustration videos by bloggers etc. It is a free yet powerful tool which comes with many features and tools which make creating video from screencasts easier for people from all walks of life. 

The free version of this software is not very much safe. But, if a user chooses the paid version of FreeCam Recorder is safe 100%.

Features of FreeCam Recorder Safe To Use

FreeCam Safe Features To Use

The software is free to use and compatible with Windows and MacOS. The software is also available in paid version. If anyone wants to upgrade the free version to paid one then easily purchase its premium version. If you choose its services then you will get excellent features:-

  • Video Editing Features– It comes with many tools which can help you edit your videos. After recording you no need to find another best Video Editing Software.
  • Set Area Of Recording- You can set the area of the screen that you want to record any single windows, or even the full screen. 
  • Add or Record Voice- You can add your own voice as well as the sound of the system and the applications which are running while the screen is being recorded.
  • Cursor Effects-You can also highlight the movement of your cursor and enable the clicking of the mouse. 
  • Easy Remove Background- You can make your videos more effective by removing the background noise and adjusting the volume of the audios. You can also trim your video and get rid of the unnecessary parts. 
  • Save or Export Videos- You have the option of saving your videos to your device or directly exporting it to platforms such as YouTube. 
  • 4K HD Format Support-It gives you the facility to save your videos in 4k HD formats in the quality of 720p. 
  • Premium Version- The paid “Pro” version comes with many more features such as recording webcam, adding annotations and exporting the video to MP4. 

Is FreeCam Virus Free Software?

Thus, we have seen that Freecam is a software which is full of features which help the users to create amazing professional videos with a lot of ease. Yet, some people might be concerned if Freecam is safe to use or not? These types of thoughts might be result of a few questions, such as-

  • Being a free version, do the developers hinder with the data of the user in exchange for money?
  • Does it bring into your device harmful viruses or malware posing a threat to it?
  • Everything you record and store using Freecam, is it in safe hands?

The answer to all the questions is that Freecam is a completely virus-free software, which does not allow viruses to enter your system through online mode. Also, it is an ad-free software, which means that encroachers who try to steal your data and enter your privacy by displaying ads stay out of the reach of your device. All the videos that you have stored on Free Cam are really safe and away from the hackers or other people trying to evade your privacy. 

Thus, we know that Freecam is a good software, which is safe as well, despite being free. To further access its greatness, we shall now read about its pros and cons. 

Pros of Freecam

Pros And Cons For FreeCam
  • Record Selected Area– You are provided by the option of selecting a part or whole of the screen for recording. 
  • Record Voice and Screen Audio– You can edit and later the audio of the system as well as the audio added from the microphone. 
  • Highlight Cursor– You can highlight the cursor for a better tutorial video.
  • Set of Tools– It comes with its own set of tools and features which allow you to do various activities with the video, such as trimming, cropping, noise removal etc. 
  • Save Or Export Video– You can save your videos in 4K HD quality and can even export it to YouTube directly. 

Cons of Freecam

  • Watermark Issue with Free Version– The trial or free version comes with a watermark which will be displayed on your videos. 
  • Limited Editing Tools– In comparison to many other software which come with great editing tools and features, Freecam has limited functionality. 
  • Only works with Windows– Only be used in Windows OS and is not supported by any other operating system.
  • Spend Money For More Features– To get the complete set of features, you have to buy the paid version. 
  • Not Allow to Edit Your Own Video– You cannot add your own video through the webcam unless you buy the paid version. 

Alternatives to Freecam

Thus, we have seen about the features and pros and cons of freecam, and whether it is safe to use or not. But in case you are not wholly satisfied with it, you can consider some options which may act as great alternatives to Freecam.


It is a widely-used professional software utilised by people around the world for the purpose of creation of professional video, due to its powerful features and tools. It creates HD quality videos while taking up as little space as possible. 


It is a very lightweight screen recorder, which is used in order to capture your PC screen and create a video out of it.  You can record a part of the screen, a particular Window or the screen of your PC as a whole. It is good for recording gameplays and illustration videos. 


It is a great software which is free to use, and can be utilized for recording screens and making great videos out of it. You can also add audio with the help of microphones and show clicks of the mouse. It is a very easy to use software and you can record in AVI using this app. 

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Conclusion- FreeCam Recorder Safe To Use or Not

FreeCam free version is not 100% safe for the users. But, if you purchase its premium version than it is 100% safe to use. Without facing any kind of copyright issues from the side of freecam you can explore the services of Freecam safely. Freecam Premium version is 100% safe for the users.