Everyone should learn the skill of paraphrasing or rewriting texts. However, not all people are linguistically good, which might result in poor paraphrasing. Therefore, if a person wants high-quality and error-free paraphrases, he should prefer the help of technology.

From studying to daily households, technology has revolutionized everything. So, this guide sheds light on one of the best revolutions for students who use android devices – the paraphrasing apps. Thus, without any further ado, let’s start the list of the (five) 5 best paraphrasing apps for android users in 2023.

5 Best Paraphrasing Apps for Android Users

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List of the 5 Best Paraphrasing Apps for Android Users:

Paraphraser: Reword your text by Kurd.CC:

When it comes to the best paraphrasing app for android or the best paraphrasing app for iPhone, it’s hard to miss the Paraphraser: Reword your text application by Kurd.CC.

This application has made the first spot on this best app for paraphrasing list, as Kurd.CC updated this application in September 2021. So, according to my testing, this application is now better than all the other paraphrasing applications on smartphones.

Compared to the other smartphone paraphrasing applications, this one has unique features, such as:

  • Text Inflater – this feature increases the length of the text. So, if any of you have ever used the web version of the QuillBot, you will see the similarities between this ‘Text Inflater’ module and the QuillBot web paraphraser.
  • Text Summarizer – as the name suggests, this mode shortens the length of the text by preserving the best or main parts. This feature is also similar to the ‘Shorten’ mode of QuillBot.

Like the other paid or free apps for paraphrasing, this application features four different paraphrasing modes:

  • Fluent – as the name depicts, this mode uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create fluency in the paraphrased content.
  • Standard – the standard mode paraphrases the content using the typical paraphrasing techniques.
  • Creative – the creative mode uses fancy and high-end vocabulary to paraphrase the content.
  • Typical – the typical mode is similar to the standard mode because it also works on conventional paraphrasing algorithms.

Now, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this tool to understand it better. 

This rephrasing application has four paraphrasing modes. So, it offers plenty of rephrasing options to its usersThe below 4.0 rating of this application might be a deal-breaker for some users
Once you have paraphrased a piece of content, it will save the rephrased content as a text or document fileIts plagiarism and grammar assistant modules are not as powerful as Grammarly
Moreover, you can directly share the rephrased content with other smartphone applications
Despite its below 4.0 rating on the Google Play Store, this rephrasing application has one of the best and most potent paraphrasing algorithms 
This paraphrasing application supports rephrasing the content in multiple languages
It is entirely free, as there are no noticeable limitations to this application
This application has a plagiarism checking module that allows users to check and remove plagiarism for free
You can also check the grammar of your text with this android application
The developers have designed the UI of this application in an easy-to-use manner

Paraphraser – Plagiarism Check by Digitops:

The second application on this list is one of the highest-rated AI-based paraphrasing apps on the Google Play Store. Its name is “Paraphraser – Plagiarism Check” by Digitops.

Like the first android application, this one also contains different rephrasing modes. So, let’s see the working of those modules in detail.

  • Simple – according to its name, this mode paraphrases the content using simple rephrasing techniques. But it restricts the users to 900 words only.
  • Standard – this mode is the default rephrasing mode of this application. So, compared to the previous mode, this one is a bit more advanced because it uses NLP and AI algorithms to paraphrase the uploaded content. Due to its advanced capabilities, users can paraphrase 1000 words.
  • Creative – this paraphrasing mode is similar to the ‘Standard’ mode because it uses the same algorithms. But it uses fancy wordings to replace the duplicated content. This paraphrasing mode also has a wording restriction of 1000 words.
  • History – according to its name, this mode keeps a record of all the performed paraphrasing operations. So, users can copy the content from this module with one tap

Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this paraphrasing application.

This android application makes it easier to determine the rephrased words in a lengthy document because it underlines and highlights those words This android application is relatively new to the Google Play Store because of its fewer downloads and reviews
It has a ‘History’ module that records all the performed paraphrased operationsIt is only suitable to paraphrase 900-1000 words
With one tap, users can copy the previously paraphrased content
Users can upload a Microsoft Word (document) or PDF file to paraphrase its content
Users can also paste the copied text to paraphrase it
Similarly, users can download the rephrased content in a PDF or Microsoft Word (document) file
This android application has a straightforward UI, which makes it ideal for naïve users 
Like most android applications, this one also contains a night mode, which adds the necessary eye protection
Similar to the first application, this android application is entirely free
As the privacy policy of this android application suggests, it doesn’t share the uploaded content with third-party services


The third paraphrasing application on this list is the android app of a renowned paraphrasing utility named QuillBot. However, this application is still in early access, which means it is available in the beta version. This factor is the reason for putting this application in the third spot.

QuillBot android application features four different tools. So, let’s see the detail of each tool of the QuillBot paraphrasing app:

  • Paraphraser – as the name depicts, this tool paraphrases the uploaded or pasted text to make it more fluent. It has six paraphrasing modes: ‘Standard,’ ‘Fluency, ‘Formal, ‘Simple, ‘Creative, ‘Expand’ and ‘Shorten.
  • Grammar Checker – this tool checks the uploaded text for grammatical and punctuation issues.
  • Summarizer – this tool works on the conciseness of text by summarizing it and making it more fluent.
  • Citation Generator – as the name suggests, this tool will automatically create the citations of the duplicated content to avoid plagiarism.

Now, let’s talk about the positive and negative points of this android application.

A renowned paraphrasing utility named ‘QuillBot’ backs the paraphrasing mechanism of this application. So, it’s hard to question the authority of its paraphrasing engineThis application is still available in the beta version. So, users will face issues in this android application
It comes with six paraphrasing modes, which is the most I’ve seen in any paraphrasing application. So, this application will hardly dissatisfy the paraphrasing needs of users It is not entirely free because the free version allows you to rephrase 100 words at once
You can upload a document file or paste the copied text to upload the content to this applicationIf you want to paraphrase lengthy texts without spending any bucks, this application is not for you
If you want to check the working of this application, you can use the ‘Try Sample Text’ feature

Paraphrasing Tool – AI-Based by Enzipe Apps:

The fourth paraphrasing tool on this (five) 5 best paraphrasing apps for android users list works on character count instead of word count. Its name is Paraphrasing AppAI-Based by Enzipe Apps.

Similar to the android applications I have discussed so far, this one also takes the help of its three rephrasing modes to paraphrase the uploaded content. So, let’s talk about its paraphrasing modes in detail.

  • Fluency – this mode adds fluency to the content while paraphrasing it. So, it detects the dull wordings of content and replaces them with a more user-friendly vocabulary.
  • Standard – similar to the other (discussed) android applications, the standard paraphrasing mode uses the NLP and traditional AI paraphrasing algorithms to paraphrase content according to its context.
  • Creative – unlike the ‘Standard’ paraphrasing mode, this module uses fancy-vocabulary-based AI algorithms to rephrase the content with high-end wordings. However, it still works by detecting text context with the help of the NLP algorithm.

Now, let’s discuss the caveats and benefits of using this android application.

This android application provides multiple ways of uploading content. For example, users can paste the copied text type the content from scratchpad a Microsoft Word or PDF document fileAs mentioned earlier, it allows users to paraphrase 5000 characters at once. So, its character-based restriction mechanism might be a deal-breaker for some users
Unlike the other applications, this android app allows the users to undo the changes with one tap. So, this feature proves helpful while dealing with accidental changesCompared to the paraphrasing results of first-three applications, it falls behind
You can save the paraphrased content in a PDF file
Like the second application, the privacy policy of this android app also claims that it doesn’t share the uploaded content with third-party services 
Before clearing the uploaded text, it displays a confirmation dialog box
Its paraphrasing mechanism also works based on three rephrasing modes
It is entirely free

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Article Spinner and Rewrite by Lucrative:

The fifth and last paraphrasing application for android users is basically a content-spinning application. Its name is “Article Spinner and Rewrite” by Lucrative.

The Article Spinner and Rewrite application by Lucrative is a straightforward android application. Therefore, several users love this paraphrasing application because of its simplicity.

Like most writing assistant tools, this one also allows the users to either paste the copied text or type content from scratch to paraphrase it. Although this application enables users to rephrase 1000 words for free, users can access the paid servers by watching ads and earning credits. So, the paid servers will provide better paraphrasing than the free version.

Now, let’s talk about the downsides and strengths of this paraphrasing application.

The simplicity of this android application makes it ideal for beginnersAmong the discussed android applications, its paraphrasing results are the weakest
Users can use the paid paraphrasing servers by earning credits through ads and achieve better resultsSome people have questioned the intuitiveness of this android application
There are no multiple paraphrasing modes in this android application
It doesn’t have a file uploading option 

Takeaway – the Conclusion:

Paraphrasing is a handy skill because people can use it to improve their writing skills and express their thoughts more clearly. However, sometimes, it is tough to paraphrase or rewrite text if a person lacks knowledge and experience in this area. That’s where the paraphrasing apps for Android phones come into play because these apps are the best thing that has ever happened to students.