Windows 10 activator is used to remove the words Activate Windows in the lower right corner of your laptop or computer. This article is certainly very disturbing for some people. Moreover, they often take screenshots to record what is happening on the screen.

To activate, you must have a product key. Unfortunately to do this the force required is quite large. As an alternative, you can use the method below.

There are several ways that you can use to activate Windows 10 easily. Use some of the applications that will be discussed below properly so that the operating system you are using is activated perfectly.

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1. KMSAuto Lite

The first way to activate Windows 10 is to use an activator application called KMS auto lite. By using this software you can do automatic activation, without having to use a product key.

To be able to use this application, you must follow the following steps. Pay close attention so that the activation process does not interfere and cause Windows to become problematic.

Make sure that the Windows you are using has not been activated by checking the words Activate Windows on the desktop.

Download the newest KMSAuto lite activator shared by its developer. If you download using a sharing site, it is better to choose a trusted one.

The file that has been obtained can be extracted if it is in a zip form or directly used if it is not compressed.

Check the computer you are using by opening Dxdiag. This method is done to find out whether the computer or pc used is 64-bit or 32-bit.

2. KMSAuto Net

The second application that can be used as an activator for Windows ten is KMSauto Net. In general, this application is almost the same as the one discussed above. The difference is only in the application interface and also the system for activation.

You have downloaded the latest version of the KMSauto Net application to avoid problems during the activation process.

Extract the KMSauto Net application that you downloaded earlier.

Open the application by right-clicking and then run as administrator. Don’t open it right away because the Windows system will. On the page that appears you simply click on the activate button.

Some activator applications are only able to activate for a certain period. By using this application you can activate periodically so you don’t need to do the activation process manually anymore.

3. KMSpico

  • If you want a simpler activator application you can use KMSPico. To use this application, see the steps below.
  • Download the newest KMS Pico activator app.
  • Extract the downloaded file and then right click run as administrator.
  • After the application opens, the Windows 10 activation process will run automatically.
  • There will be a notification if the activation process is running smoothly.

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4. Using Windows 10 Product Key Sharing

One of the easiest ways to activate Windows 10 is to use a product key. By using this method you can activate directly without having to use the third-party application above.

To use products filtered or shared by others, follow the steps below. First of all you have to get the product key which is shared by other people. Search on Google because there are many sites that provide free sliding wheels.

After getting the product you can save it for use on the system.

Press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the menu on your device. Then select Settings located on the left sidebar.

Once the Settings window appears you can select Update & Security. It is located in the lower right corner.

Once taken to a new window you can select Activation which is located in the left sidebar slightly down.

After logging in, look for the Change Product Key.

Enter the serial number that was previously owned. You can use more than one. If one of them is not successful in activating.

Aktivasi dengan cara di atas cukup mudah dilakukan. Namun, tidak semua product key yang digunakan mampu melakukan aktivasi dengan sempurna. Terkadang hanya beberapa saat saja lalu tulisan yang membutuhkan aktivasi muncul kembali.

5. Using CMD

The last way to activate Windows 10 is to use the command prompt or CMD. This method is quite easy to do but the risk of failure is quite large. But it never hurts to try the steps below.

Press the Windows key on the keyboard until a column appears to perform a search.

Type command prompt or CMD. Wait for it to appear at the top and don’t open it right away.

Type-command-prompt-or-CMD.-Wait-until-appear-at-the-top-and-don’t-open immediately-

Do right-click on the command prompt, then select Run as administrator.

Next, a command prompt window will open. Your task is simply to copy and paste the code below.

slmgr.vbs /upk

slmgr.vbs /cpky

slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxxx-xxxxx

slmgr.vbs /ato

slmgr.vbs /xpr

Replace the xxxxx section with the product key that you got earlier. You can use a product that has been done as in method number 4 above.


After doing so you can enter to see if the activation process has gone well or not.

Disadvantages of Windows 10 Activator

Using original products and using activators that come from third-party applications, of course, the effect is different. If you use Windows 10 Activator, how many of these shortcomings will you get.

  • The activator application still continues Iko contains a virus in it.
  • There is a possibility of malicious malware entering.
  • The app you are using is unofficial and may be against the rules.

It looks unprofessional especially when a laptop or PC is used to make presentations. Others can tell if the computer is using a fake activator.

Windows 10 activator can indeed be used to activate it easily. Moreover, the method is quite simple so that even beginners can activate it without risking the slightest error. Unfortunately using activators is dangerous.

If you currently have the funds to legally activate, the method above can be used. However, if you want something safe, it’s better to save first to buy products online or you can directly visit the nearest retail store in your city.