When it comes to cloud storage, which is a popular choice for storing your files and folders, there are a lot of different options to choose from. In this article, we’ll be comparing two very popular choices: Mega and Pcloud.

What You Should Take Away From This? At the end of this article, you will have a detailed understanding of how each service works, what you can expect to get from each platform, and which one is best for your needs. 

Continue reading to learn more about pCloud vs MEGA and which is the superior option in this comparative study. 

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Mega vs Pcloud: Features Comparison

Mega and Pcloud are two very different cloud storage platforms that have their unique features. To discover the difference between pCloud vs Mega, the equally popular services, we have to take a look at some specific highlights from each platform.

A Glimpse of pCloud Storage

With pCloud, you can simply secure all your data, files, and documents with their user-friendly navigation algorithm that is simple to use. It has a great cloud storage tool for storing music, photos, and videos ahead of starred documents. Whenever someone researches pCloud vs MEGA comparison the most discussed point is related to pCloud.

That is pCloud lets you revert to an older version of your files.

Also, That pCloud provides you a backup of all your files to a single location, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. This feature can be used for free accounts or an additional fee for a year.

A Glimpse of MEGA

Through a MEGA account, users can chat and share files with anyone without any intermediaries. MEGA’s popular product that can also be discussed in MEGA vs pCloud comparison is that they collaborate with brands & give more simplicity to users.

With this If you’re looking to send large files to other users, you can do so through Mozilla Thunderbird with an extension called MEGAbird. This utility can send files through Thunderbird, regardless of the email hosting service you use. This tool works seamlessly with all email hosting services.

A Quick suggestion about which is better pCloud or MEGA 

Beyond the usual features, pCloud has a variety of useful features that are geared towards specific users. Among these is its backup service, which lets you save files across various platforms. pCloud’s various features and unbreakable security encryption can make your decision to choose this rather than MEGA. Of course, this is a suggestion so we provide in-depth details so make your decision yourself.

Steps include in pCloud vs MEGA comparison 

  • Setting up and Ease of use
  • Security & Privacy 
  • Performance 
  • Speed
  • File Synching & Sharing
  1. Pricing
  2. Pros & Cons 

We discussed every step from both MEGA and pCloud view!! Then after each step, we shared according to our team which is better pCloud or MEGA in that particular step.

MEGA vs pCloud: Setting up and Ease of Use 

Everyone wants a service that is easy to use, Both  MEGA and pCloud use the same sync system that Dropbox popularized years ago. Both of them are simple to use and are located on desktop computers. 

About MEGA VS pCloud: Positive Role 

MEGA cloud doesn’t want their users can’t access their files even with some technical issue, hard disks failure, and server going down. The solution for this is to split each file into roughly equal-sized parts and store each of them in a different country. 

pCloud provides an easier way to store data and you can even get File Versioning (revision version, Extended File History, and Rewind).

The web interfaces of Mega and pCloud are a little cluttered Also, they can only be used with the currently open folder. 

  • Must be concerned about this

In the MEGA cloud when you type a word or a picture, it will create a pop-up window that tells you where to place it. Instead of dragging the file around like with other providers, you have to long-press the file to get it to move. 

The pCloud branding always makes one of the complaints. pCloud’s branding is similar to the ones used by other cloud providers, such as Amazon and Google. So, In ease of use pCloud vs MEGA comparison pCloud has an upper hand before MEGA. 

MEGA vs pCloud: Security and Privacy

Both providers offer good security, making them well-known among the best zero-knowledge cloud providers. Both provide encryption, which is usually included as a standard.

Both have the same features in the context of Security and Privacy but some points that should be concerned 

pCloud is based in Switzerland, and its servers are in the U.S. However, since it has servers in the U.S., your data may be subject to more lenient U.S. privacy laws.

If you are not using pCloud Crypto, pCloud might be able to access your files to verify your credentials.

As a private company, MEGA is focused on protecting the privacy of its users. Its servers are located in various countries, including but not limited to: Canada, Luxembourg, and New Zealand.

When it comes to protecting your data, MEGA takes it a step further by enforcing the same rules for all users.

If you are confused about whether what to choose MEGA or pCloud in the context of security and Privacy then MEGA is superior to pCloud.

Performance: Mega vs pCloud 

Performance is one of the most important factors for any service, so we tested the two cloud storage services in different ways, file syncing and sharing as well as speed.

1 Difference between pcloud vs Mega: Speed

In our tests, both the MEGA and pCloud had the same upload and download speeds. They took a couple of minutes to download each 1 GB file.

In MEGA vs pCloud, one of the main advantages of pCloud is that it can sync all of your files in a single block. This means that when you modify a file, its parts are only synchronized to the specific location.

We like the simplicity of pClouds virtual drive approach, which gives you 2TB of storage space. It also syncs large files with minimal editing time. What to choose MEGA or pCloud in the context of performance then pCloud is a clear winner here. 

2 File Syncing and Sharing: MEGA vs pCloud

MEGA cloud lets you set the files that you sync with your PC. You can also selectively select which ones to have immediately accessible, or download all of them for easy storage. In the pCloud versus MEGA  race, MEGA lets you share files with anyone, and it also allows you to set an expiration date and password for shared files. If the link is formatted as a mega link, anyone with the link can easily open it.

pCloud uses a different method of storing your data. Instead of storing it on your hard drive, it uses a virtual drive. This saves space on your PC and allows you to sync all of your files without leaving them. The sync feature allows you to sync files on your local computer. It will automatically sync all your settings and changes once you connect to the internet.

With pCloud Crypto, you can create a link to share files. However, you can only share encrypted files with a business account. MEGA and pCloud both have satisfying features and one is better than the other is better than earlier. 

Like pCloud wins the game for file synching whereas Mega in terms of sharing files. At this position, pCloud leads in what to choose MEGA or pCloud race. 

Difference between pcloud vs Mega Pricing

Both MEGA and pCloud offer free storage. With pCloud, you get 10GB of storage for free, while MEGA storage has 20GB of storage for its users for free. Indeed, they both had paid plans as well.

pCloud- Secure & Simple to use

PlanStorage Price 
Premium 500GB$4.99/M
Premium Plus 2000GB$9.99/M
Business 1000GB$9.99/M (Price per user)

Mega Cloud Storage- Secure and Commenciable 

PlanStorage Price 
Pro-Lite400 GB$ 5.85/ month
Pro I2000 GB$ 11.71/ month
Pro II8000 GB$ 23.43/ month
Pro III16000 GB$ 35.15/ month
Business 10485760 GB$ 5.86/ month (Price per user)

Pros and Cons: pCloud vs MEGAMega Cloud Storage

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mega Cloud Storage

Pros Of Mega Cloud Storage

  • Provides AES-128 end-to-end encryption
  • All users in the world are GDPR compliant.
  • Supports two-factor authentication
  • There are both free and premium plans available.
  • There is no data stored in the United States.
  • Source code that is visible
  • There is a lot of storage space available.
  • Refactoring of files
  • Visibility reports are published every year.

Cons Of Mega Cloud Storage

  • This is not an open source project.
  • Free plan is perplexing
  • Interaction options are limited.
  • There is no live chat or phone help available.
  • There are no publicly available 3rd audits or testing.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of pCloud

Pros Of pCloud

  • 2-week free version and 10GB free space
  • pCloud Crypto offers end-to-end encryption as an option.
  • Versions monitoring for 30 days is included.
  • Extended File History (EFH) is an optional feature that tracks 360 files.
  • days of different file versions
  • Drag-and-drop backup that complies with GDPR
  • Switzerland-based company
  • In the same account, both encoded and encrypted files are supported.
  • Non – encrypted data can be synced with Facebook and other platforms.
  • Drag and drop the restore folder into place (pCloud Drive)
  • Shareable links that can be customized in different ways. 
  • Music player built-in

Cons Of pCloud

  • The free version has several limitations.
  • It is possible that information will be collected in the United States.
  • For encrypted files, not all options are provided.
  • There is an additional fee for pCloud Crypto and Extended File History (EFH)

Which is better pCloud or MEGA in Customer Support?

Both pCloud and MEGA provide email support as well as a comprehensive Help Center. The Help Center is well-organized and can provide answers to the majority of common questions. If you can’t find an answer in the Help Center, you may contact them. Mega, on the other hand, lacks call support, giving pCloud an advantage, making it a winner because of its excellent customer care and phone support.

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Winner: Mega vs Pcloud 

The main reason why MEGA cloud storage was able to pull ahead was its zero-knowledge encryption. Both Mega and pCloud were also commended for their ease of use.

pCloud was the winner when it came to filing sync and sharing. It uses a block-level sync method to speed up your sync, and it also uses a virtual drive system to free up disk space.

pCloud’s features were also highlighted, with its ability to integrate with other cloud services proving valuable. In the end, we suggest pCloud is a better option compared to Mega. 

Frequently Asked Questions: pCloud vs MEGA

Is Mega the best cloud storage?

MEGA is good Cloud storage. It provides a free account, 20 GB of cloud storage, and many more. But when it compares to some of the best cloud storage like pCloud, IDrive, Box it needs improvement. 

Is pCloud a good deal?

Whether it comes to pCloud then its price is worth it. And their lifetime plan is the best choice because it stays together with you till the account holder lives.

Does pCloud offer more than 2TB?

Yes, it offers that but you need to upgrade your plan to a Premium plus package plan. Premium- 500 GB, Business- 1TB per user.

Is pCloud really secure?

It provides safety even for their open source or free version users. They use AES 256-bit encryption, and if you are still concerned about your data security then pCloud Crypto is the best option for you.