Besides good products, marketing strategy, management, etc., a logo is essential to make your business or brand attractive. Because if the customer or the general sees the logo can make your brand more memorable. Therefore, there is a need for quite a while. This post would like to recommend some logo makers, and they are helpful, easy to use, designed as you want.

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logo design techniques to impress both buyers and sellers

logo design techniques to impress both buyer and sellers

To design a beautiful and satisfying logo, here are some tips that should not be overlooked. Before starting your logo design, let’s roughly look at the logo design technique, and these tips can be much easier to design a professional-looking logo. Along with this article you can also get top 10 logo design tools that you can use easily for your business.

The logo design must be memorable. 

Doing business or building your brand logo is essential to create a memorable image with consumers. Besides, it sets you apart from other businesses. As soon as you see it, you will know right away that it is the brand’s logo. For example, if you see the Apple logo, you can quickly connect its products.


Who said letters are not important? For that logo, it is a picture that makes people remember it. Letters are essential too. Because the selection of letters that match the personality of your business. It helps to make your logo look better immediately. But to not look too cluttered, The characters used should be no more than 10-20 characters only. And there should be an appropriate size, spacing, weight of the letters.


The use of color is critical because every color has its meaning, allowing the viewer to feel what is being conveyed through that color. The colors you choose to use in that logo Have to be a color that reflects your personality and suitability and represents your brand. Most importantly, you should not use too many colors, and to be remembered, it should use no more than 1-2 colors.

Effects when it comes to creating art like logos. 

It will bring the effect of the image. Or letters Came to be used together, but often, making that logo may want to be simple Look and remember, so the use of strange effects or flashy effects put in that job may reduce the power of the logo that you want to be memorized.

Starting from a white background.

For anyone who is starting to design that logo. May start with creating a logo on a white background first. Because it will allow us to see the different elements of the logo more clearly, if the design is completed on a white background, it was gradually developed to continue with the background or other color background.

Make good use of the space.

Playing with empty spaces is also part of making your logo look nice, modern, and glamorous. Suppose you try to use the space in the logo work. It will give more variety to the work, but most importantly, you need to arrange it in a balance, not too much and not too little, making it look uncomfortable.

Choose the suitable logotype. 

Simple questions like What kind of logo do you want? It is a popular question that entrepreneurs have to face, and the answer is often you want it like it’s cool, which is not something that should be done at all. Because you should take the time and find the desired logo design that you think will work with your brand.

A good logo must convey meaning. 

A good logo is beautiful and conveys the meaning of your brand. It may not necessarily look the most beautiful. But it can convey that you want to come out as much as possible because of your logo. It will become a customer’s memory forever. If you have been able to make a good logo for your brand then, you can convert your skills into the professional way in which you can create a professional logo for your buisness.

5 logo makers to design the logo for your company


Create your logo, text, or graphic to measure with LogoMaker. The tool is easy to use for beginners and those who need a format of the friendly logo. The image is downloaded in png format.


DesignEvo is the easiest and fastest way to design the logo for your business with pre-designed logo templates. It is only necessary to choose the template design that suits the type of logo you have in mind, play with the combination of icons, colors, and types of text. It is an excellent tool to design your logo with no design skills.


Pay only $20 for your logo design if you are completely satisfied, and get creative with the development of your logo.


With LogoGenie, you can choose and edit your logo according to your preference, choose texts, images. This tool is paid.


Start designing your logo completely free to start, choose the symbol you like the most and place your company’s name and the slogan to finish designing the logo. You can also configure the colors and the text format of the design.


When it comes to logo design tools, whether gratis or paid, you must not forget that the first design of your logo must be attractive and that it represents your brand and the area in which you are dedicated.