It is a no-brainer that featured snippets are critical to ensuring good rankings and traffic online. Optimizing a website for featured snippets can help Google better understand why your page is best for answering the user’s query and why it deserves to appear in featured snippets. How To Optimize Your WordPress Site for Featured Snippets? Thus, we have mentioned some tips & tricks to optimize your website to rank for featured snippets.

Thus, this article is all about how to optimize your website for featured snippets. First, a fall, let’s know

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What is a Featured Snippet?

Featured snippets are a brief excerpt from a webpage that appears in the SERP as a quick answer to a user’s query. Google quickly visits the pages indexed by the crawler to identify the most relevant answer to a query and presents it before the user. The most common types of featured snippets are- lists, definitions, tables, or steps.

Tips To Rank for Featured Snippets

Thus, whenever, you see a competitor ranking for a featured snippet, you should revise your policy and replace your competitors.

Here is how you can make the best of your short term loans in Ireland and rank for the featured snippets:

Analyze and research competitor’s snippet

Well, that is tricky but you can still find out the keywords for which competitors are ranking online. After searching the keywords, narrow down the category by using an analyzer tool, check the search volume, and check the keyword density. 

Make notes of these and strategies for your efforts. Keep a content calendar and topics with the keywords adjacent to it, to have an idea. Moreover, check for the related questions as well and add them to your calendar.

Analyze the user search intent

According to Google, “the trick behind ranking for featured snippet is entering the exact questions the user is seeking answers to”. Analyze whether your audience is seeking a comparison, a specific answer, a brief answer, or a video. Analyze questions that answer a question immediately without having a user click a webpage.

Create and optimize better than competitors

Analyze the competitors’ approach and create a stronger strategy by:

  • Covering the basic information, a user seeks
  • Add more value by adding more details
  • Improve readability by slitting the content
  • Focus on research-based content than opinion-based one

Check your content for validation

Once you are done with the content research and optimization, check whether it:

  • Meets the need of target audience or not
  • Optimized for user search intent
  • Have targeted keywords
  • Have suggestion lists

It helps ensure that you are on the right track while preparing to rank for featured snippets

Optimize your content for readers and search engine alike

Though it is important to optimize content for search engines, don’t miss out on the human factor. Ensure your content is fairly organized, scannable, and understandable for users and search engines alike. Optimize with proper heading tags like H1 and H2. Doing so can help you optimize a paragraph as well and rank for the featured snippets.

Add Keywords for question in heading tags

It is the most important thing to optimize while ranking for featured snippets. Add keywords for the questions in the heading tags. Pick only those keywords which have high search volume and are low competitive. This combination is easy to rank for. The right keyword in the right place can make all the difference.

Add graphics or images if relevant

Graphics play a crucial role in increasing your chances to rank for a featured snippet. It especially ranks for listicles.

Prefer using real images to support your answer rather than stock images. It is because uniqueness is something that Google loves. And most of all, unique and clear images help improve a user’s experience.

Re-structure your SEO profile

Whoa! The content is ready, but wait a minute! Have you re-strategized your SEO structure?

Here are some SEO tactics that can ensure a fairly good presence in featured snippets.

  • Keep URL short
  • Create a catchy headline title tag using good software
  • Write user-centric and keyword specific meta descriptions
  • Use heading tags for questions
  • Use alt tags on all images or graphics
  • Add schema markup tags
  • Add external and internal links

Stay within the word count

For ranking your content for a featured snippet, it is essential to answer within a certain word limit. Break your content into paragraphs, lists, or pointers rather than posting as it is. Answer in the smallest possible way. According to Google, an ideal world limit for ranking in the featured snippet is 40-50 words. Use headers to break your content sections.

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Add a “how to” section on your website

Instead of “Why’s, the most popular queries include “How”. For example:

  • How to rank a website in 2 months?
  • How to create an optimized content that ranks?
  • How to create backlinks?

Featured snippets are a great opportunity to attract website traffic and new leads. And thus, design your website for “how-to” queries related to your industry to rank for a featured snippet.  If you don’t want to create a how-to section, you can create a blog on the most frequently asked questions about your products and industry. It will help spark the interest of the website visitors and help you rank for featured snippets as well.

Add your business on Google

According to a source, 60% of the searches on the internet are about people searching for services or products to buy online. And active shoppers spent 5-6 hours doing so. Wouldn’t, you like to make an appearance when someone searches for your business online? 

You can do so by adding and optimizing your business on Google with all the details required and the keywords or phrases that people will search for your business online. Apart from granting you control over your business appearance in Google, it boosts your chances of appearing in the featured snippets. 

So, answer boxes or featured snippets have an average click-through rate of 67%, which makes them a highly lucrative option for businesses and marketers to optimize business for. Making an appearance in these featured snippets not only boosts traffic but sales also.

While optimizing your website for featured snippets, pay equal attention to the quality and quantity of the content. The only way to strike the goal is by optimizing the content according to the user’s intent, SEO, and readability.