The use of certain key combinations on the computer keyboard is intended to support the user and make operation more effective. 

In this article, we have mentioned the efficiency of data entry and, how is it in the beginning now, and in the future.

Experienced users know how to type with the keys blindly, while their eyes can concentrate directly on what is being written on the PC screen.

This type of skill is one of the fastest and most direct methods of written expression. 

The origin of the keyboard can not be found in the first computers; the beginnings go back to the first key input devices, the typewriters. 

A common feature that connects the past with the present is the largely similar key assignment, that’s according to businesspally reports. 

The American variant is also known as the “QWERTY keyboard” because of the first six letters in the upper row of letters.

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The Development Is In The Speed

The development in the speed

In the eye of the beholder, we are currently in an important process. 

Keyboard operation is still of central importance in terms of computer input, but changes are becoming more and more apparent.

This development will massively change the way information is entered and data processed, says Techpally magazine editor.

Our society is in constant need of optimization, we live more global and networked.

It also means that people are changing and adapting the way you communicate and express yourself.

 It may be that in the future, key input will no longer be made by mechanical movements, but will use purely digital options, according to Techpally boss. 

This change was decisively promoted by the smartphone and a touch-sensitive display. 

The technology for mobile computing was initially shown as a dual operating system. 

Mobile phones with a small but haptic keyboard – especially the Blackberry mobile phones – were very popular, especially for business users, nowadays they hardly play a role. Digital keyboards have become the preferred source of text input over the past ten years, at least in the mobile sector for smartphones and tablets. 

Although the mechanical keyboard is by no means abolished on tablet PCs either, on the contrary. 

The more complex a computer operation or the task to be mastered, the more clearly it becomes

word processing and the writing of longer texts using a keyboard with a mechanical keystroke. 

The haptic feedback gives the user a feeling of control over what is typed. 

By transmitting movements, we are able to navigate through menus and screen areas and select them.

Graphics pens and tablets. In the area of graphics creation, motion-sensitive pens and documents enable digitized drawing and design.

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Touch displays on PC and workstation

The touch-sensitive display supplements or replaces data entry and navigation using the keyboard and mouse.

The voice input of digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Siri for the networking of individual devices in the smart home area and navigation.

 Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality simulate 3D realistic environments, says chaktty.

This also changes the operating options and data input functions.

Is the keyboard still contemporary or long out of date

We are still on the verge of the possibilities that the digital age brings with it.

It remains to be seen which of the new technologies will be of great importance in the future and which will not.

A key factor in this development is mobility and thus the availability of the Internet, which means global networking and the dissolution of barriers and borders.

There is no longer a single type of data input, which means that areas of application and input methods are also changing, according to businesspally.

In concrete terms, this also means a change for efficient keyboard applications and practical key combinations.

In the future, virtual environments and reality will merge

The keyboard is little more than a module that converts our thoughts into digital commands. 

The more the development of networking advances, the greater the need for efficiency and speed.

In virtual reality, completely different interfaces are available to the user than today.

 Holographic keyboards are a logical development to touch-sensitive touchscreens, instead of individual letters, we will soon only be serving symbol fields that process a whole series of complex inquiries and trigger outputs.

A narrow strip above the keys becomes a milestone on the keyboard timeline

The direction in which we are moving can be determined very well based on today’s technologies, for example, based on a development by Apple that will have a major influence on keyboard operation in particular. 

With the presentation of the current Macbook Pro models, Apple staged nothing less than an evolutionary step inefficient information input. 

With the Touchbar, a narrow touch-sensitive strip above the row of digits, Apple not only replaces the previous row of special keys but also enables a wealth of new functions for which there are already new applications.

Apple is at least revolutionizing the Mac, and the MacBook Pro will be followed by other models. 

The Touch Bar automatically adapts to different application environments and provides the user with the appropriate commands depending on the program, regardless of whether it is word processing, spreadsheets, video editing, photo, and graphic editing, or music production. 

Operation via shortcuts is thus superfluous – at least that’s what Apple wanted. 

Whether this efficiency of keyboard operation will prevail, and above all, whether it will be carried over to other operating systems, remains to be seen, certainly in the near future.