Finding the best recording software becomes a very tricky task nowadays. The reason is many companies are introducing themselves in this competition with lots of amazing features. And after a search, we found that many gamers are eager to know which screen recorders best for free Fire

To solve this query here we conduct information about what a screen recorder is, how it works, and a list of the best Screen recorder for free fire.

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What is a Screen Recorder? 

Basically, a screen recorder is an application program that enables a user to record a computer screen and its activity for a duration of time. It helps in using the same for future reference, be it providing some sort of training, teaching, or used as an agenda in business meetings. 

It resembles a screenshot, which generally produces a single click of the screen. While the screen recording is getting a video of the screen.  The screen recordings can be upgraded by using audio narration and captions. This way it becomes quite simple for anyone to understand anything with this specialized application. 

List of Screen Recorders Best For Free Fire

List Of Screen recorders Best For Free Fire

There are so many apps available for this purpose. Some are paid while some are free versions, therefore baffling a user which one to use. 

Below are some free and paid software programs enlisted which bring out the characteristics.

1. Camtasia 

Camtasia is a software suite created by TechSmith. It is used to create and record screens for video tutorials and presentations. It is one time to buy software with excellent quality features. It is an amazing software but many people search for Alternatives to Camtasia because of its expensive cost.


  • Audio- This software supports recording audio commentary and audio can also be added from another library. 
  • Direct3D- This software supports video games recordings using Direct3D to produce digital images.
  • Editing- This software supports video recording and editing to some extent like splitting and cropping . This helps in delivering only useful information. It is available for windows and macOS. 

2. OBS Studio 

OBS(Open Broadcaster Software) studio is developed by the OBS project. This software is highly recommended for video games live-streaming because of its ability to utilize additional sources like Webcam and microphone. 


  • Audio – This app supports audio commentary. 
  • Editing – This app doesn’t support editing the video as it is more likely used in live streaming. 
  • Direct3D – This app supports Direct3D which enables it to render digital images while screen recording. 

This is a real Time screen recorder, which means it records the screen, encoded and broadcasted to preset destinations like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The application is compatible with macOS and Windows.

3. Ice-cream 

Ice-cream is a free app and is available for screen recording with a user-friendly interface. It helps in recording any area of your screen and using it as a screenshot in the future. It supports audio commentary while recording. This app also supports annotations making it more easily understandable for its users. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Android. 

4. Record it

Record it! is a free app available for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. This app supports a range of features like audio editing. This also comes with the ability to use filters for facetime convos and adjust the playback speed. This app is easy to use for iOS users and the user can also directly upload to any broadcasting destination like YouTube. 

5. AZ Screen recorder 

AZ Screen recorder is basically designed for android operating systems. It is available for free and basically used in mobiles for screen recording. This is a highly used app which not only records the screen but also allows its users to annotate and highlight its content. 

This app also allows audio capture and many more functions depending on the user’s needs. This app is developed in such a user-friendly way that one can adjust resolution, video speed, and orientation. 

6. Screencastify 

Screencastify is an inbuilt extension of Google Chrome, therefore there is no need for the new installation of any other app. 

This is useful enough for full-screen video recordings and also supports audio capture from the system library and microphone. 

Screencastify also supports highlighting its contents by using annotations and on-screen illustrations. This app also allows users to share their video recordings through emails, youtube, and other similar platforms. 

Though this is software that lives within google chrome and allows its users free access to screen recording. But it limits its users to access only upto 5-10 minutes for free and then it offers a paid service. 

7. Bandicam 

Bandicam is one of the free software programs available for screen recording. This is a very simple and easy-to-use software that allows its users to access almost all features possible. The features include audio commentary and editing. 

Bandicam allows its users to perform real-time transmissions along with real-time illustrations. This feature is highly commendable for educational purposes, business meetings, and seminars. 

Unlike Screencastify, Bandicam allows its users to screen records without any time limit.

This app also enables its users to select a recording type from diverse modes like a certain area or full screen. 

8. Screencast-o-matic 

Screencast-o-Matic is also a simple and user-friendly software that is available for free. It is available for Windows,macOS, and android. 

This software allows its users to screen, record, and share the videos via emails, Facebook, Google classroom, and other similar platforms. This software is used to screen record any area of the screen or full screen, depending on the requirements of the users. 

This software also allows voice narration and audio from the system library. The video can be recorded for upto 15 minutes to an extent. The zoom feature enables its users to zoom in and zoom out particular context and highlight appropriately with other annotations. 

The screen-o-Matic screen recorder also comes with the attractive feature of including animations to the screen recorded video in order to make it more exciting. 

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Conclusion- Best Screen Recorder For Free Fire

Here are a few and best screen recorders for the free fire which are available for recording gameplay. These are worth using for various purposes. In the list, we conducted both free and paid screen recorders that help you to record screens without any trouble.