Are you feeling something strange or disturbing with your phone? Your phone might be hacked and someone can use your private data and important information that can harm you in various ways. Mobile Hacking is just like the access of your device to an unknown and to prevent from all those hustles you need to know that How to Unhack your phone. But before that you should know whether your phone is actually hacked or not.

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How will I know if my phone is hacked?

Hackers are kept waiting to hunt someone’s data and keep improving their hacking techniques that support them progressively harder to spot. But need to be aware of all those things that will let you know that your phone is hacked or unhacked.

1. Call or SMS You Have Not Initiated

If you notice that there are some unknown calls or messages which are made by your phone then it directly indicates that your phone has been hacked.

2. Bad Work Of Mobile

If your phone faces inactive problems like crashing of apps, freezing of the screen and unusual restarts, then it is a sign of a hacked device.

3. Inappropriate Pop-Ups

If you are observing some kind of stuff that is not good or X-rated advertisements pop-ups on your mobile phone then this is not a good sign for you.

4. Unusual Activity On Accounts

If you find odd activities either on your social media or emails account that are linked to your phone, then it means that a hacker has gained access to the device and it could lead to the theft of your identity.

5. Phone Loses Charge Rapidly

Fraudulent apps and Malware sometimes use malicious code that tends to decrease the battery life of the phone and if you noticed this then take it seriously.

6. Unknown Application Software

When you know that your phone is containing apps that you never installed in your mobile then it could be the work of a hacker.

Before you consider whether your phone is hacked or not you need to check all these issues in your Smartphone. But still if you found that your phone is hacked then read below.

What to do if your phone has been hacked?

Unfortunately, if you found that your mobile phone has been hacked then there are some few simple steps that you need to perform. Firstly take out any malware that is occupying your device.

1. Delete all unrecognized apps

Quickly delete all the new or unrecognized apps. If there are hidden apps make sure to delete them as well. After that update your all old and important apps.

2. Download anti-malware/anti-virus software

Install a mobile antivirus app as they scan your phone and remove all the harmful apps and viruses.

3. Use android safe mode.

If you are an android user make sure to turn on the android safe mode always as it will help you to block all the third-party apps.

4. Reset your mobile pin.

Quickly change your Screen pin because if your phone is hacked for a long period of time then there is a chance that probably your password is leaked. 

5. Change your passwords of all accounts

You need to change all your account pin/passwords of your Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, and all other accounts. Make sure that your all different accounts have a different new and unique password to be more secure.

6. Reset your mobile phone

Resetting your phone is the best and most convenient way. You can go for a hard factory reset to remove a hacker permanently from your device,

But, If you feel that all these methods are full of hustles and most time consuming then do not worry. There are some special codes that will help you to unhack your phone.

Codes you need to know If your Phone is Hacked

Code to check if phone is hacked india or in other country. With the help of code it become easy for any kind of person to check hacked phone.


This is a code that will

let you know that your mobile software is working on the older version or not.

If yes, your software is running on an older version then you need to update

all those software immediately.

Easy Code To Unhack Your iPhone


This code will help you

to track on which phone number, your all SMS and MMS are forwarding.  


This code shows you the

details about your iPhone, your data & SMS usage, and the one who is

tracking you. 

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How Do I Unhack My Android Phone?



These are the codes to

reset your phone, it will remove hackers from your device. But before trying

this code makes sure to backup all your data as you can’t recover after reset.

Conclusion – How To Remove A Hacker From My Phone

This world is full of hackers where everyone is eagerly waiting to hack anyone without even letting him know. Hacking is a really serious matter that can affect your both personal and social life as well and can also lead to negative impact on your mental health.

So, the responsibility of keeping your data secure and private is yours. You need to follow the measures and preventions from hacking if you want a relaxed life.

Will resetting the phone remove hackers?

Yes” a factory resetting of your phone will help you in removing hackers from mobile but still it totally depends on how the hack was done. If a hack was done through an app which was installed on your device then the factory resetting would help you.

Can someone hack my phone from my mobile number?

 No, it is possible to hack any mobile just by using the phone number.

Is there a short code to check if my phone has been hacked?

Here (*#21#) is a code that tells you the status of your unconditional (all calls) call forwarding feature.

Can an iPhone be hacked?

The clear cut answer for this is YES an iPhone can also be hacked remotely through iOS vulnerabilities.

Will changing my phone number stop hackers?

Changing your mobile number is not a good idea because they may create backdoor in your device and