If you don’t know about Twitch Partner? then, here you can know about it and a lot more. Curating the best of the content and making it stream on extensive domains is something that a twitch partner is primarily known for. Be it the varied melody of music, leveling up of games, talk shows, and whatnot.

As the most far-reaching marketing tool, twitch partners can also make some good revenue probably by working on escalating their viewers. The subscription options are Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, or the prime free gaming subscription. Yes, indeed the partners are also being paid the dedicated amount of share from the revenue as decided by contracting parties.

Partners can customize the ads through their dashboards. Partners also have access to a dedicated support team. Partners can create their stream by using Partner Help. Delaying of the content streams is less often, and even if it happens it’s not more than a 10–15-minute lag. Partners can also create their custom badges. They have a free lifetime subscription for chatbots. Now let’s see what it means to be a Twitch Partner. 

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What does it mean to be a Twitch Partner?

As the strongest partnership, a twitch partner is highly proficient to get consideration too. To mention a few, they may include Partner-panels, Streamer’s zone, etc. Partners will always have priority access to quality options for their channel. They are guaranteed transcodes for all their broadcasts. So, being partnered just means Twitch is more likely to put you on the front page and you are receiving $$ from Twitch. Verification on twitch is the prerequisite to hold accountable for a twitch partner.

When your partnership application is approved then you will automatically get the Twitch verified badge. Twitch badges are a status symbol that you can collect easily. There are different types of badges used in Twitch let’s look at them:

  • Twitch verified user badge: For this badge, you must get verified by becoming a Twitch partner. This badge will be displayed on the top of your screen. This badge was released by Twitch in 2017.
  • Twitch Chat moderator badge: These badges are given to every individual Twitch streamer for their channel. The best way to earn that badge is that you have to be friendly and helpful throughout the chat.
  • Twitch VIP badge: This badge is similar to the chat moderator badge. It is given out to the streamers who are loyal viewers to their channel, follow the rules and support them. After two to three months, you can ask for this badge.
  • Twitch Staff badge: To get this badge you must work for their company. This badge looks like a black square.
  • Twitch Founder badge: This badge is given to the first few subscribers of the channel. If you are the first few subscribers of any affiliated channel you will get that badge.
  • Twitch Admin badge: The admin badges are given to the paid viewers. To become an admin, you must first try to be a global moderator.

How to become a Twitch Partner??

Becoming a part of this intellectual aspect is indeed not very much difficult when you keep all the necessary knowledge handy. Let’s look at what we can do to become a Twitch partner:

  • Be professional. Make sure you always have quality streaming including channel layouts and graphics.
  • Be sincere during streaming that will help you to approach another person.
  • Pick a few games that you would love to play and also enjoy while playing so that you can interact with the audience by discussing the stream and this way you get more value through the screen.

In nutshell, it is all the pooling sum of hard work, dedication, and consistency which makes it irresistible to attain the partner status in the near time. It completely depends on Twitch to either accept or decline the application. They closely look at the things and the content quality, ability to engage the audience, and your ability to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of becoming a Twitch Partner

Benefits Of Becoming A Twitch Partner
  • Twitches have accounting policies that benefit partners.
  • Twitch helps its Partners to do more to engage their audience.
  • Only 17000 over millions of broadcasters have earned partner status.
  • Earn more money than other subscribers from Twitch.

Difference Bwtween Twitch Partner vs Affiliate

Difference Between Twitch Partner Vs Affiliate

It is very difficult to become a Twitch Partner as compared to a Twitch Affiliate. If you want your viewers to be able to subscribe to you and use emotes you need to be an affiliate at least. When you begin streaming on Twitch, you can get. There is two of the biggest ones you can achieve are affiliate and partner.

As stated earlier it is easy to become an affiliate as compared to a partner.

Twitch Affiliates

The streamers that have reached a certain goal are determined by Twitch. The aforesaid goals work as preliminary accomplishments so that you get invited to the twitch partner After becoming an affiliate twitch will allow you to start receiving donations in the form of Twitch bits. Earning while playing! How good is that, isn’t it.!! 

Twitch Partners

Twitch Partners will be able to earn money from twitch as affiliates do. The difference is that you will get more of everything than affiliates. More money more emotes subscribers and you also get a partner manager who will help you with your stream and twitch related problems/issues.

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Twitch Vs Discord

Bottom line: 

Now it has become very clear what is Twitch Partner and what is Twitch Affiliates and how to become an affiliate and partner if you want to. So, yes if you want to join twitch as an affiliate virtue partner, We hope you will get an idea of this for sure how to start with it.