VPN (Virtual private network), a new but well-known term in the current world. It is a private network that helps users keep their online search and browsing history private or, better to say, anonymous. The security VPN ensures to provide is not achieved by any other medium like Ethernet. Though it has been a lifesaver for many, its speed lowering effect has been a concern as well.

How VPN affects internet speed? Does VPN slow down the internet? These are the most asked questions about VPN. If I have to give a one-word answer, it affects your internet, but this effect is circumstantial. In that case, you might also use the no lag VPN services to reduce your lagging & speed issue.

A VPN is a secure server that encrypts users’ data and shows users with different IP (Internet protocol) addresses. It sends users signals through different locations, which hide the user’s identity and online activities, such as watching films. It takes a lot of time, which slows down the internet. So put on your backpacks and learn how to speed your internet while using a VPN?

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Factors Of VPN Affects Internet Speed

Factors VPN Affects Internet Speed

For everyone using VPN, the concerns like How VPN affects internet speed? And How much VPN affects internet speed is valid. VPN is an extra highly secure server between you and the site/content you are trying to connect. No matter how good of a VPN server you’re using, it does slow downs your internet speed to some extent.

Although VPN affects internet speed, it is important to understand that multiple reasons enable VPN to affect internet speed negatively.; Among others, Latency is the biggest reason. Other reasons could be what VPN server you are using, how far you are from your VPN server, and the speed of the internet before you use VPN are a few of the many reasons that affect the VPN speed. 

Distance From VPN Server:

The more distance you have from your VPN server, the slower will be your internet speed because the further a data packet has to travel, the slowest it becomes. Conversely, the shorter distance you have from the VPN server, the more possibilities of having internet speed to work better. Therefore, if you don’t need to connect to a particular VPN server, make sure to use the one closest to your location. If you are a resident of the UK, then connecting to any server in the UK will give you a better internet speed than a server in Australia or any European country. 

Traffic On The Server:

We all have experienced low internet speed on websites like cricbuzz and others during cricket series. Or on news websites when something dreadful happened. The same happens with VPN server load. Let’s assume you’re using a VPN server that at the same time is being used by 1000’s of other users, but a server can entertain only 400 users at a time. Will not it lead to reduce internet speed? It will, right? It happens with free VPN servers or gives discount rate VPN services. They are likely to get overcrowded at some point which increases the load time and thus reduces speed. 


Have you heard of a phrase that every good thing comes at the cost of something? Well, unfortunately, it is the same with VPN. Getting access to any country’s internet and browsing here on the internet without a personal identification address comes at the cost of weak internet speed. Encrypting data takes time and makes the process slower on both users and VPN servers side.

Some VPN servers provide weak encryption signals. This encryption signals slow internet speed but not servers with string encryption signals. The weaker the encryption, the easier it will be for hackers to determine your location and IP address. With this article, you will also know about the best free VPNs for Windows that would be beneficial for beginners.

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How To Test Your VPN Speed?

How Can I check The VPN Speed?

Can you test your VPN speed? Can you compare your internet speed with VPN? I am sure that these are the questions arising in your mind. Well, yes, you can. There are many speed tests available that help measure download and upload speed. The best and easiest way to know your VPN speed is by comparing downloading speed with your VPN on and off. The downloading takes most of the time, which can help evaluate the speed. 

A website called Speedtest makes checking the VPN internet speed much easier. All you need is to open the site ad click “GO” while your VPN is on. The process will take a minute to complete, and you will be able to have internet seed evaluation in numbers. 

How Can You Boost Your Internet Speed While Using A VPN? 

As discussed above, connecting to a good VPN server will not guarantee good internet speed. But it is also true that using a good web server that is not very crowded will help make your VPN faster than the ones free and overcrowded.

What if you can’t access a good server with the ability to withstand a good crowd? Then, how to fix a slow network while using a VPN? Following are the best possible tips, or you can say ways that will make it possible for you to have fast internet speed using VPN: 

Change VPN server: Make sure to select a select geographically near your location. The nearer the server will be, the better the internet speed you get. 

Change VPN port: Every VPN server your device connects to has a particular port number and specific protocol. There is the possibility that the speed of the internet is weak as the VPN server is restricting the port number and protocol. Try changing port until you get the fastest combination. 

Use WireGuard: WireGuard is like an application available for all ioS users and android, and it helps to open up the restricted networks and ensure fast VPN speed in no time. 

Restart your Router: Crouter slowing down is very common and affects internet speed while using VPN. /make sure to restart the device as it can improve speed to some extent. 

Final Verdict:

If you ever find yourself wondering how VPN affects internet speed and how to improve your VPN speed, then this whole guide is your answer. This article has the answer to why internet speed will always be affected by VPN and how you can still use it without getting majorly affected. The ways explained above will help you have the fastest possible experience with VPN.