Windows drivers are supportive programs. They align the hardware system with the operating system of the computer. The driver delivers the best performance of the hardware elements. The issue faced with the Windows operating system is that drivers are always out-of-date. Let’s come to the point and talk about how to upgrade and install Windows drivers?

But, Microsoft rollout updates to install the new version of the driver’s updates for better performance of the system. The obsolete drivers lead to functionality issues in the entire operating system. To fix these errors, a dedicated driver update application program is requisite to carry out this operation. The dedicated application downloads and installs them in the background. 

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How To Update Windows Drivers?

How To Upgrade Windows Drivers?

Many drivers update applications, which contain a database of updated drivers. They scan for outdated drivers and update them. Here is the list of the free driver updater software which you can use to update Windows drivers without cost. Along with this article, you can also see that how to use Window 10 Activator and, its services and features.

AVG Driver Updater:

AVG Technologies is an antivirus software-producing company that is popular worldwide. This organization has launched its own Windows driver updater, referred to as AVG driver updater. The application program examines the out-of-date drivers on the computer system. It replaces them with the modern released versions.

Moreover, software confirms the information with more than 100 hardware manufacturers. To get the current official drivers, and also keep the information of the employed drivers. As a result, this utility functions inexhaustibly in the background. It keeps the system drivers updated and renders the best performance of the computer system. 

It offers a free trial version, which examines your computer system and yields the report of the drivers that call for updates. The trial version will only cater to the list of drivers that need updates. But, the application program will update them after availing of the paid version in a few clicks.


Driver fix, as the name suggests, will fix the drivers. The primary focus of the application is to provide a list of outdated drivers. It examines promptly and efficiently because it holds back a large database of the prelude drivers. Thus, after the scanning gets completed, it generates the list of the driver. Before installing the driver update, the application will perform the backup. The backup will be of the pre-installed drivers in the Zip format. This backup can be restored later on if the new updates do not get installed.

The software provides a feature of the scheduler. This attribute allows the user to execute scans and backup the data according to the feasibility of the user. It also offers a dynamic interface with an extra choice of changing the user interface into dark mode.

Driver Reviver:

Driver Reviver is the utility tool that performs driver support, pioneered by ReviverSoft in 2014. ReviverSoft is the subsidy of the Corel. The company has created this product only for Windows operating systems.

The application offers the extraordinary feature of creating a restore point. This feature helps to restore the older version if the latest one gets affected by the malware or causes trouble while installation. Further, the application offers the option to scan in the background. Thus, allowing to update drivers in the background while the computer system is under the boot.

Driver Genius Platinum:

The Driver Genius software, launched by Avanquest Software. The software provides an effective attribute of managing the driver updates for Windows. It holds a track of the driver software to be installed on the system after confirming the version. After installing this software, the user intervention is to a lesser extent.

After installation scan for the available drivers and compares them with the version available on the database. Furthermore, it verifies the required driver version, and then downloads and installs the update on its own.

Above all, the extra feature which makes this application stand out of the box is the quality to bundle all the drivers into an executable file. This skillfulness speeds up the induction of the updates. It also removes the old versions of the drivers for safety, as Windows might install them. 

This platinum version of the Driver Genius owns some extra features. The features include improved performance of the system, and other utility tools that supervise the storage disk.

Driver Booster:

Driver Booster is a driver maintenance tool. It provides drivers from the authorized manufacturer of the hardware devices. Before installation, the application software confirms that the driver cleared Microsoft WHQL tests.

Besides, the current version of this application program endorses Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. This application is incomparable because the free version is accessible for two days. It supplies drivers updates without user interference. The application also extends a Pro version, which has no restriction on use.

One specific characteristic of this application is that it involves a silent mode. It means that it does not interfere with the running application in the full-screen mode. The Pro version offers the license on three computers for a tenure of one year.


The DriverFinder is a utility software that scans for the drivers on the computer system. It determines those drivers that are lacking, or not installed, or out-of-date.

The application has the quality to save a copy of the pre-existing drivers, so they can be re-installed whenever demanded. The grounds on which this application lacks is the need to click on every item-by-item for installing the required update. The DriverFinder offers many payment options for availing a paid version of the software according to your need.


We have explained free driver updater software which you can use to update your Windows driver without any cost. To sum up the above write-up, the Windows drivers are interactive software programs that are updated quite often.  They improve the absolute performance of the computer system.